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Piera Santi-Marotto -  Artist Statement

Art is my happy place. Creating art transports me to a place where time slips away unnoticed.  I become totally absorbed in my creative process and feel excited, content and at peace. I am excited because I am often surprised by the journey and where the creative process takes each individual piece.  I feel contentment and peace because creating art gives me joy.  I want the viewer to feel what I feel when I create art.  I want the viewer to feel the love I pour into my art.


My subject matter is often inspired by my background and varied life experiences.  In my art you will see homage to my Italian roots - love of food, culture and wine making!  You will also find depictions of nature, fashion, whimsey, and American patriotism stemming from my immigrant background and 17 years as an Air Force wife.  


For Fine Art...I started out in oils but have gravitated to working in Acrylics because of the quick drying time that allows me to keep painting!  Also, love the many textures that can be incorporated to create not only visual but interesting tactile experiences.  I love to see people experiencing my art with their eyes and their fingers! 

For House Portraits and Pet Portraits I love working in pencil.  The detail and shading in a grey scale is just beautiful! 

Artist Bio:

Born in Bagni di Lucca, Italy, Piera immigrated to America with her parents in 1955 when she was 3 ½ years old. Her family made the long journey to America in anticipation of the opportunities America offered for building a better life for their family.  Piera was raised in a very close knit family with an extended circle of friends with shared experiences and love. 


Piera found creativity through art at a very young age and she earned a reputation as a talented artist throughout her high school years.  She went on to attend Wilkes College in Wilkes-Barre, PA as a Fine Arts major.  After two years at Wilkes, Piera married her Air Force husband and went on to travel the world and have two wonderful sons.  She completed her bachelor’s degree at Columbia College majoring in Business and Marketing. 


Piera’s background includes positions in teaching, training, and 25 + years in sales and marketing positions.  She created marketing and merchandising programs and conducted presentations throughout the US and in Europe.  Piera contributed her creative talents to numerous product launches, innovative ad campaigns, direct marketing and award winning merchandising programs. 


Now retired from the corporate world, Piera is pursuing her passion - painting full time. Because her background has been so diverse you will see that in her art. She believes there are many facets to ones’ personality and she takes pleasure in exploring all of them.  Her art has been displayed in art galleries and accepted into multiple juried shows.  Currently, a selection of Piera’s art can be seen at ArteFekts Gallery in Pittston, PA. 


Awards include: Inclusion in various judging events: Wyoming Valley Art League, Exchange Gallery in Bloomsburg, PA, etc.  First place in Acrylic Painting and Best of Show at the Northeast Fair in 2015.  Second place in Acrylic Painting at the Northeast Fair in 2016.  First Place in Acrylic Painting at the Northeast Fair in 2017. 


Artistic Themes Include: 

Fine Art: Cafe and Wine, Americana, Landscape & Floral, Fashion/Whimsey and Misc inspiration! 

House Portraits

Pet Portraits

Bridal Momento Boxes





Piera Santi-Marotto: 

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